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Best Ab Workouts For Women

Bikini Season is round the corner and it is time for the women to shape their body by working on their abs. We will tell you about a few awesome workouts which will tone your mid-section. Abdominal workouts for women are broadly classified into three parts:

1. Upper Abdominal Workout

2. Oblique Workout

3. Lower Abdominal Workout

All the three are very important to come up with a finely shaped body which will have you feeling great about yourself and looking good too.

Upper Abdominal Workout

In upper abdominal workout the best exercise is crunches using exercise ball. You need to follow these steps to get desired result.

Step1: Carefully sit on an exercise or medicine ball which is properly inflated and made up of anti-burst material.

Step2: Now take your hands behind your head and place on the backside of the head.

Step3: Start moving your feet away from the exercise ball so that your torso rolls over the ball. You must not that your body position should be in such a way that your hips and lower back get support from the exercise ball.

Step 4: Lift your upper body while exhaling. You need to lift your body up to forty five degrees.

Step5: Now return to the starting position while inhaling.

Don’t give lot of pressure on your neck. Repeat this exercise for twenty five times in a single set.

Oblique Workout

In oblique workout Bicycle Crunches is considered as one of the most efficient abdominal exercises. Bicycle crunches really tones up the oblique of the mid-section of female body. Follow these easy steps to work on your oblique.

Step1: Lie on the surface of the floor in such a way that lower back of your body is pressed to the surface.

Step2: Lock your hands and place it behind your head.

Step3: Now pull your knees inside towards your chest and lift your shoulder off the surface of the floor.

Step 4: Try to straighten the right leg towards out making an angle of forty five degrees with the ground due and turn your upper body to left side in such a way that your right side elbow will come towards the left knee. In this step, your rib muscles should move more than your elbows.

Step5: Now change the sides and repeat the above steps. This will complete one rep.

Perform this exercise in slow motion to bring out desired result. Complete ten sets in one workout.

Lower Abdominal Workout

More great ab workouts for women should focus on the lower abdominal muscles -it is one of the most important parts of the mid-section. It is difficult to shed fat from the lower abs but it is not impossible to do so. Reverse Curl is one of the best exercises to shed fat from lower abs. Follow these easy steps to tone up your lower abs.

Step1: In starting lie on floor with your back parallel to the surface of the floor.

Step2: Keep your hands beside you on the surface of the floor.

Step3: Slowly bring your knees in toward your chest and while doing so keep your feet together.

Step4: Slowly curl your hips off the ground by using your abdominal muscles. Curl your hips towards your chest.

Step5: Lower your hips slowly back to the starting position which will complete one rep. Do such twenty reps to complete one set. Do three such sets and increase one rep every day.

Nowadays, not only men desire to have lean and sexy bodies. Even women want to have a perfect shape combined with flat abs. Having flat abs is not easy and cannot be accomplished overnight. In connection to this, both men and women need to exert efforts in order to obtain flat abs.

Having strong abdominal muscles is very beneficial in order to have a strong body. A person with strong abdominal muscles will surely have a stable torso that will reduce the pains and aches of the hips and lower back. However, not all people especially women have this; therefore, a lot of work should be done. In order to reduce abdominal fats, experts advise to have a combination of strength training exercises, aerobics, and eat only the right amount of calories required by the body. The calorie intake depends on the level of activities, gender and the age of the person.

In general, more men have flat abs but that does not mean that women cannot do it. In fact, there are a growing number of women who go to the gym regularly and join body-building competitions.

For those who wish to have lean and flat abs, here are the top 3 ab workouts for women:

Bicycle Crunch – Women who want to have abs like Lady Gaga, this is one of her secrets.

1. First, position yourself by lying flat on the floor. Press your lower back on the ground, and your abs pulled down in order to target your deep abs.

2. Position your hands behind your head. Then, lift your knees in a 45-degree angle making them close to your chest.

3. Move in bicycle pedal movements. Make sure to touch your elbows to the opposite knees alternately while twisting your back.

4. Do this repeatedly and do not forget to breathe properly.

Ball Crunch – Using an exercise ball is one effective tool in making your abs strong. Since there is involvement of the legs and the abs performs more work, it becomes more effective than floor crunches. Here, is how to do it:

1. Position the ball on your lower back and put your arms behind your head or across your chest.

2. Make your abs contract in order to lift your torso, while pulling down the bottom of your ribcage toward your hips.

3. Make sure that the ball does not roll as your body curl up.

4. Stretch your abs by lowering down. Make this for 12-16 repetitions and complete between 1-3 sets.

Planking using toes and elbows – This is a great exercise that promotes endurance and stabilization in both the abs and back. Here, is how to do it:

1. Position yourself by facing down the mat using your forearms with your palms on the floor.

2. Push yourself on the floor while raising your toes and your elbows still resting.

3. Make sure to keep your back flat. Contract your abdominal muscles and tilt your pelvis.

4. Hold on to your position for 20-60 seconds and make 3-5 repetitions.

The three abs work-outs mentioned are just some of the many exercises that women can do in order to gain flat abs. Since they all aim to provide a body that most women desire, they may choose whichever they think work best. Above all, these exercises can be done without going to the gym.